Are Luxe Papers Healthy To Smoke?

There Is No Such Thing As Healthy Smoking, But Our Luxury Rolling Papers And Hemp Wraps Are Made Of All Organic Material With Vegan Sugar Glue. We Have Never Heard Of Anyone Getting Sick From Our Products. Years Of Extensive Research Went Into Creating These Very Exclusive Luxury Goods.

Why Should I Create An Account?

It's A Much Better Service Experience For You When You Create A Login Account. This Is How We Communicate With You. This Is Where You Would Receive An Order Confirmation When Your Order Is Placed. (A Second Notice Will Also Be E-Mailed To You After Purchase). You're Able To Check All Of The Orders You've Made With Us In The Past With An Account. The Checkout Is Faster Once You've Logged In. You Don't Have To Enter Your Shipping Information Again To Place An Order!

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Good Question! These Are Rough Guides, We Don't Control The Post Office. Domestic Shipments: Standard Shipping 3-7 Business Days, Priority Shipping 2-3 Business Days, Expedited Shipping, 1-2 Business Days. For International Orders, Standard Shipping 2-4 Weeks (Depends On The Country), Priority Shipping 1-2 Weeks. These Are Average Shipping Times. You Could Receive Your Order Faster Depending On Your Location.

I Never Recieved My Shipment. I Want A Refund.

If We Track Your Order And It Ended Up In France But You're In New York, We'll Send You A Replacement Immediately. If, Though, Tracking Says It Was Delivered To The Address You Gave Us, There's Nothing We Can Do To Help You Because We Can't Prove It Was Lost Or Stolen. Sorry. :(

Why Are Your Papers More Expensive Then Other Papers?

Our LUXE HDPRINT™ Luxury Rolling Papers Are Handmade With The Highest Quality Paper And Our Patent Pending Printing Process Is Unlike Any Other In The Rolling Paper Industry. The Same Goes For Our Exclusive LUXE ZEROTOBACCO™ Luxury Hemp Wraps & Cones. Also Each Handmade Product Is Inspected Thoroughly For Inconsistencies And Design Flaws For An Ultimate Luxury Smoking Experience.

What Are The Size Of Your Papers?

LUXE HDPRINT™ Luxury Rolling Papers: European King Size
LUXE ZEROTOBACCO™ Luxury Hemp Wraps & Hemp Cones: European King Size.
LUXE PERFECTCONE™ Luxury Flavored & Non-Flavored: European King Size.
Other Products Of Different Sizes Will Be Stated In The Product Information Section. 

How Do You Roll Luxe Papers?

First, Hold Our Paper With The Printed Side Down. Throw In Our Handmade LUXE Glass Filter Tip With Your Legal Smoking Herbs. Use The Tuck & Roll Method And Gently Moisten Vegan Glue Strip At The Top Of Paper And Seal.

How Do They Burn?

We Receive Compliments From Avid Smokers On A Regular Basis. The Main Compliments Are On How Slow, Even And Consistent Our Papers Burn. Our Luxury Rolling Papers Burn Like Cigars, Not Like Papers That Run As Soon As You Light Them. Our Luxury Hemp Wraps Are The Slowest Burning Wraps Ever Created. You'll Get Your Full Yield With LUXE®.

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Of course! There's People All Over The World Smoking Our Luxury Goods.

 Do You Wholesale?

Yes! Contact Us For Our Wholesale Pricing List.

Is There Private Label Manufacturing?

We Do Have A Range Of Private Label Options For You. Contact Us Today For A Quote!